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Prejudice is defined as making a judgment or an assumption about someone or something before having enough knowledge to be able to do with guaranteed accuracy. Unfortunately, prejudice is a problem throughout the United States and the entire world. In rural communities where there may not be as much racial diversity as in larger urban communities, racial prejudice can be very common. The citizens that belong to the majority, typically Caucasian, can base their opinions on an entire group of people based on one or two encounters with an individual from the same ethnic background. The small town setting where everyone knows everyone else doesn't help. A person from the majority may not ever encounter someone from another background; but can have a racial prejudice against a group of people based on what another person might tell them. In fact, some individuals may shy away from taking the time to meet someone from another ethnic group in the community because of what they have heard from someone else. Because of the small town feel people may not want to be associated with the other ethnic group for fear of word getting out in the small community.

For example, here in Marshalltown, I belong to an ethnic group that many people of the majority have prejudices of. I have had several encounters where a person might think I work at the meat packing plant, that I am an illegal alien, or that I don't even speak English. When people find out that neither myself nor husband work at Swifts, I was actually born in Chicago, and I actually do speak English they are amazed, like it's impossible. This prejudice gets extended down to the children of the community. When there is a decent sized population of one ethnic group in a rural community, many times the children of the majority have the same prejudices their parent's have and can treat children of different ethnic backgrounds the same as their parent's treat the other ethnic background. If there is a decent num...

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