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Los 50 Puertos más Grandes Del Mundo

Ensayos Gratis: Los 50 Puertos más Grandes Del Mundo

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Bringing manufacturing back home

The texas Mexico (tmex) trade corridor consortsium started three years ago due to some troubling issues that were adversely affecting our region. Manufactures were leaving the US and Mexico at an alarming rate. As logisticians, we felt this could not be right since supply chain costs should easily overwhelm any labor savings. We believed that firms had not done a proper job calculating the supply chain costs.

The China debacle

The manufacturing decision to locate in china and serve north america was not a good one, the high notes are:

Manufacturing costs were pretty much equal across the two continents with the exception of labor. Chinese labor was underestimated in terms of growing hourly costs and training expenses.

Transportation costs were properly forecasted but most did not plan for logistics company capacity shortages and rising oil prices, wich quickly made pacific shipping very expensive.

Expending costs were not included, big cost.

Inventory costs were underestimated. Major miss on this one, chinese labor could be free and, in many cases, it still would not be justified based on inventory costs alone.

After a decade or so many businesses wich jumped on the china bandwagon learned a tough lesson about attention to details and what really affects the bottom line. Whats the total, cost of doing business? think total, not just labor comparisons. it takes a look at all the numbers to make the right decision. Look past labor -so many don´t- and a whole lot more costs loom.

Many of the costs are driven by items not found on any ledger line. More of them should. The message becomes, "what you need to know, not what you want to hear!"

Sometimes the dollars don´t get greener on the other side of the pacific.

A decade ago, the electronics companies were the first ones to take off and run, leaving electronics focused cities likes guadalajara devastated.

What went wrong? ...

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