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Concepts of Psychology

1- Sensation and perception.

2- Different Approaches to Motivation.

3- Approaches to Personality.

4- The concepts of Like and Love.

The human being is in constant change, not only in loreferido to technological advances of which we are aware, sinotambién in all that relates to the development of individual self mismocomo person.

As we know, our organization is not only able to receive stimuli but can interpret q through the brain, through thought, experience, learning, etc.., Allows you to adapt and integrate into daily life.

Process is called sensory receptive to road or path from contact with the stimulus to final interpretation. It consists of two phases:

- Phase physiological (feeling)

- Phase psychological (perception)

All human beings perceive the outside world through the senses, but our perception also depends on previous experiences. Our senses are constantly bombarded by a multitude of stimuli. The senses give us an interesting picture of the world, but are not always able to convey an accurate picture of reality. In fact many instruments built to amplify our senses.

Many times we think we see is precise and accurate. We believe that we perceive the world as it is, but usually it is not. Perceiving involves interpreting and sometimes, these interpretations distortions.

The feeling is to detect something through the senses and internal sense receptors that still has not been made or has a meaning.

Although the basic model is the same for all people, the result may vary indefinitely, it depends on the way how the stimulus is received (which varies by person, and the same person, with the time), needs (which also vary with the person) and the knowledge that each person possesses. The motivation of the people depends on the fundamentals of these three variables.

In the motivational cycle described above, the need has been satisfied. As the cycle repeats, learning and repetition (reinforcements) cause t...

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