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Mr. Lee is a bus driver. Every day he gets up at 7:00 a.m. and prepares for his day. He showers, eats his breakfast, and washes his uniform. Sandra, His wife drives him to the station where he checks in with his supervisor. Then, he gets on Bus #405 and starts the engine. He pulls out of the parking lot and begins his route. At his first stop, he picks up Mrs. Miller, who lives in a red house on the corner of Main Street and Seventh Avenue. She work at the post office and has to be to work by 9:00. At the next stop, the Bartlett twins get on the bus. They attends class at Bayside Elementary. More children get on at the next three stops, and they rides until the bus reaches their school. Mr. Lee enjoys seeing the kids every day and is happy to see them again in the afternoon when he drive them safely back home.

1. El párrafo anterior se encuentra incompleto y debe seleccionar de las opciones dadas, un verbo que complete la frase (escritura y gramática correcta); las frases deben rescribirse en inglés con el verbo seleccionado.


Mr. Lee (E) a bus driver.

(E): a. play b. is c. are d. plays Answer: b. Mr. Lee is a bus driver

1. a. gets up b. sleeps c. get up d. sleep

2. a. washes b. wash c. puts on d. put on

3. a. stop b. pulls out c. stops d. pull out

4. a. picks up b. push c. pick up d. pushes

5. a. work b. win c. wins d. works

6. a. are b. is c. attends d. attend

7. a. take off b. takes off c. get on d. gets on

8. a. come b. comes c. ride d. rides

9. a. enjoys b. hate c. hates d. enjoy

10. a. is b. drive c. are d. drives

2. Responda las siguientes preguntas en inglés con base en el texto. Tenga en cuenta que deben ser respuestas completas:


Does he eat his breakfast?

Answer: Yes, he does.

A. Does Mr. Lee work in a train station?

R/ no, I don´t

B. Do Bartlett twins study...

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