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Adopcion De Un Animal/Perro

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Have you ever wonder how it would feel to have a loyal companion that will always welcome you with warmth? Well I’m not talking about a spouse but a four legged friend known as a dog. “A dog is a men’s best friend”, this is a well-known saying that I personally don’t know who said it but believe is true. We don’t need to do a lot of research to know that many dogs end up in streets, are mistreated and abused. I’ve decided to give a loving home to a dog from a shelter per when I was young we had one that I never forgot about. Having a pet is a great idea, and because of the protection, loyalty, and companionship; I’ve decided that a dog is the best fit for our family. You should adopt a pet because not only would you gain a new loyal member but you’ll save a life of an animal in need. Each hour, every day, over 3,000 dogs and cats are born in the U.S. Most of these animals are unwanted and many end up in shelters. You can save a life by adopting a cat or dog from your local shelter (“Top 10 Reasons,” 2008).

My biggest reason for adopting a dog is because I grew up with a dog at home. We had a Cocker Spaniel named ‘Canela’ (cinnamon in Spanish), that my mother adopted as a puppy. Our dog was the best companion and she was extremely loyal with us. My mother didn’t work so she spent all day with her and waited for us like she would. In the mornings she would wake us up with pure joy and when we got home from school she would great us with her tail wagging of happiness. We always had a friend to watch TV and cuddle with, plus when we wanted to play she was always ready to with lots of energy. We would dress her up and take her in every single family trip. One time when we went to the beach my younger brother was drowning, she came barking and brought it to my parents’ attention. After all that she jumped in the water and had him grab on to her, it was amazing how she would protect us. If you were sick she will be...

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