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Enviado por:  gerrit  05 abril 2012
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My Personal Identity

In my artwork I have included many pictures which identify me, first of all, the turtles. I think that turtles are part of me already, since I was very little I’ve loved turtles, I’ve even had my own turtles which I really cared for. I have made trips with my Dad, who enjoys every moment of interacting with nature; we’ve gone to the Galapagos Islands just to look at the Giant Tortoises. Secondly, I’ve included a picture of a soccer ball and the picture of a goal. These two objects are very important to me since I play a lot of soccer, and usually I play as goalie, I have played soccer since I was very little, therefore I believe that soccer is a part of me. On both extremes of the paper I have glued two flags, the Dutch flag and the Chilean flag. Both of these flags identify me, since I’m half Chilean and Half Dutch, and even though I was born in Chile, I feel that I’m half Dutch. Finally, I included two pictures that represent music. I do feel that music identifies me in many ways, since when I’m sad or happy or depressed or whatever my mood may be, I’m always listening to music even if, it’s just something that helps me focus and calm down. I also play the Alto Saxophone at the school, which is why I feel that music identifies me even more, since I have to “Make music” every time I go to band. In the center I drew a yellow circle which represents the sun with my name in the middle.

The quote that best identifies me is the following; “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars” by Les Brown. I think that this quote identifies me because I always try my best and set high goals in most aspects of life so even if I fail at accomplishing high goal I will “Land among the stars” which is nothing bad at all, this way I will be happy which either result of my actions. I find this quote identifies me in many ways, which was why I chose it.


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