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Racismo En Estados Unidos

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Slaves’ Quest for Autonomy and Freedom

The conflict between the abolitionists and slaveholders gave birth of one of the most dramatic events in North America, which led to the bloody Civil War. Abraham Lincoln, even after the war began, and the fact that he wasn’t an abolitionist, he sought for a gradual freedom of slaves, where the Federal Congress in 1862 banned slavery and in January 1, 1863 the slaves were declared free. With the triumph of the northerners, slavery disappeared from the United States. After the Civil War African Americans obtained their freedom improving their conditions as human beings; even though this freedom was regulated by whites during the Reconstruction period in America.

Without any doubt the Civil War in America (1861 ??" 1865) was one of the most traumatic events that the American society has suffered in history, and probably one of the reasons that made this horrible event happen was the confrontation in between the North States and the South States on the institution of slavery, the north being the abolitionists and the south being the slaveholders. This controversy had jolted publicly during the drafting of the Constitutions in 1787. Seventy years after those commitments failed in 1860, the representatives of South Carolina left the Congress of the United States and proclaimed their recession from the Union. A few months later ten more states followed that example and all formed the United Confederation and the American civil war was declared. Let’s not forget the northern states had a different view on slavery, because their economy was based on the industrialization, requiring skills that slaves could not give, while the southern states’ economy was actually based on slavery because they needed slaves to work on their farms; agriculture was their main source of money making. The North’s victory secured the end of slavery but there was still many questions about the future of the blacks, both economically and political...

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